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NXP Broadens the LPC546xx Family of MCUs as It Achieves Vol


Product Highlights

  • Now offering up to 220 MHz performance while retaining power-efficiency as low as 100 uA / MHz
  • Compatible CAN-FD kit and shield (OM13094 board, available in July) along with in drivers and example code
  • Scalable package offering, which includes TFBGA180, TFBGA100, LQFP208, and LQFP100 packages

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – June 21, 2017 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI), leading innovator and microcontroller manufacturer to the mass market, significantly expands the availability of its LPC546xx family of MCUs.
The LPC546xx family of ARM® Cortex®-M4 based microcontrollers, introduced earlier this year, recently shifted into volume production, and together with NXP’s embedded partners, the LPC546xx MCU family has enabled global developers to quickly and easily create high-performance GUIs. 
Now, based on customer demand, the family now extends to reach 220 MHz, the highest processor performance in NXP’s leading power-efficient line of general purpose microcontrollers. With the LPC5462x MCU, customers receive the necessary performance boost for system critical tasks, such as JPEG-decoding, but without compromising power consumption, keeping active currents as low as 100 uA / MHz.
Tailored to meet the requirements of various consumer and industrial applications, from control panels, exercise equipment, communication hubs and sensor data aggregators, to connected smart home appliances and displays, this MCU family is now better positioned to address the needs of the expanding automotive aftermarket. The new LPC5461x MCU, with dual CAN-FD, along with features like high-speed USB and SDIO, enable a new wave of emerging applications, from vehicle telematics and tracking, to diagnostics. With a compatible CAN-FD shield and kit (OM13094), along with drivers and example code, customers are ready to get to production quickly.
To provide additional customer flexibility and to further broaden the application reach of the LPC546xx family of MCUs, NXP also has expanded its two initial packages, to now include TFBGA100 and LQFP100, in addition to the original TFBGA180 and LQFP208 package options. 

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